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Bin Collections

Find out about bin collection dates, recycled waste and reasons why your bin might not be collected.

Collection Days

The City of Swan provides all rateable residents with a weekly collection service for refuse bins (green lids) and a fortnightly collection service for recycling bins (yellow lids).

When your bin is first delivered, you’ll receive information about collection days in your area. However, if you’re not sure, please contact the City on  9267 9267.

To ensure your bin is collected, place it out on your verge before 6.00 am on the day of collection. And, make sure your bin is compliant. Otherwise, we cannot collect it.

Use our handy find my bin day tool to check your collection days.

My Bin Wasn’t Collected

If your refuse or recycling bin wasn’t collected on its scheduled day, there could be a number of reasons why.  So, before you contact us, check that the following factors aren’t responsible for your missed collection:

  1. Placement ― your bin should be placed one metre from the kerb, with the wheels facing away from the kerb. Multiple bins should be placed 0.5 metres apart.
  2. Day and time – make sure your bins are placed out on the right day and before 6am on the day of collection.
  3. Contamination ― if your recycling bin contains non-recyclable waste, like plastic bags or green waste, it can contaminate an entire truck load, reverting it to landfill. Check out our Waste and Recycling Guide to be sure of what counts as recyclable waste.
  4. Weight restrictive ― the contents of your 240 litre bin must weigh less than 70kg, otherwise our waste trucks cannot lift it. Bins weighing over 70kg could be labelled with a non-compliant sticker.
  5. Jammed ― overfilling your bin and jamming the waste into it can prevent its contents from being emptied.
  6. Non-compliant bin ― we can only collect bins belonging to the City of Swan. These bins have our stamp on the lid.

If your bin isn’t compliant, a sticker will be placed on it explaining this.  Unfortunately, your collection service won’t resume until you rectify the situation.

What is Recycled Waste?

You’ll notice that the refuse and recycling bins have different coloured lids.

All material that can be recycled should be placed in your recycling bin (yellow lid).  Under the lid of the bin, you’ll see a sticker about what counts as recyclable waste.

Alternatively, you can find out which items can be recycled, read our Waste and Recycling Guide, visit any City of Swan library, or call us on 9267 9267.

All other household waste should be placed in the refuse bin (green lid).

For further information please contact:

City of Swan - Waste Services

Tel : 9267 9267
Last Update : 11/11/2015
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