Membership Rewards Card

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Looking for how to get a Membership Rewards Card? Go to the MAD Community page to find a participating Community Volunteer Association

What is the Membership Rewards Card program?

The City of Swan has promoted the creation of an innovative community/business partnership program uniting two networks:

  • MAD Network - Community Volunteer Associations (CVAs) eg Lions Club, Rotary Club, local community groups
  • Customer Attraction Program Network - participating local businesses.

How the program works

Members of CVAs and their volunteer families will be given a Membership Rewards Card, which will entitle them to exclusive discounts from participating local businesses.

In exchange, participating businesses can then connect to the network of CVAs as a new customer segmentation, and the Customer Attraction Program Network.

The program is designed to reward CVA members for their contribution towards helping our community grow and prosper, and act as an incentive for retaining and recruiting new members to join.

The program will see business and community helping one another, and it is by helping one another that we help ourselves.

How local business can join

Local businesses are invited to join the program by giving an exclusive nominated discount to Membership Reward Card holders.

Please read the following resources for more information:


Daniel Hanley, Community Development Coordinator, Midland Place
Phone: 9267 9013

The Membership Rewards Card is an innovative community/business partnerships program, supported by the City of Swan, Swan Chamber of Commerce, Community Newspapers Group and MAD Network. 

Membership Rewards Card  

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