Are you relocating your business to the City of Swan or are you opening a second store within the City of Swan?

Demographic tools

The City has a suite of tools that may help you to plan where you want to set up your business. These tools will provide you with demographic and economic figures specific to the City of Swan that will assist with future planning for all types of organisations.


The City has eight key business areas with an assortment of industry focuses. Take a closer look into these key business areas to determine a location that may suit the type of business you are planning to conduct.


You can find the property zoning of a particular location by using intramaps. This will help you to determine if you can run your business type in a particular zone when compared with the City’s land use zoning table(PDF, 405KB). Our where to start page will assist you to make the most of these resources.

Change of land use

Property "use" is different from the zoning for a property. The zoning may be industrial but the City can approve different uses on that property, e.g. warehousing, light industry, or motor vehicle repair. These different uses often have different development requirements.

It is advisable to check what use the property is approved for before you sign a lease or contract. This information may be available from the owner or agent, or the City can provide a written response to a written enquiry by submitting a planning enquiry(PDF, 128KB) form. The City can also provide copies of approvals granted for the property with current landowner consent, by submitting a planning approval(PDF, 419KB) form. There are fees associated with both of these forms.

If the property is approved for a use that is different from your business type, you will need to apply for a change of land use(PDF, 64KB). As part of the application you will need to show how your business will meet the development requirements for the proposed use. For more information on making a change of land use application, contact a Planning Officer on 9267 9267.

Submit a development/planning application

development or planning application(PDF, 419KB) is required by all businesses that require development or planning approval to do business in your industry of choice. This application should be submitted with all paperwork required for approval. You are able to meet with a Planning Officer to discuss your particular application by coming into the City of Swan's Administration Centre at 2 Midland Square, Midland. No appointment is necessary. Alternatively, you can call 9267 9267 to speak to a Planning Officer.

Building permit

Our Want to build? page will explain how to obtain a building permit.

Food businesses

Businesses providing food for public consumption must register with the City prior to operating. Our food business pages may assist you here.

Swan Business Engagement Program

If you have further queries beyond this, please feel free to contact the Commercial and Economic Development Unit at who can work with you through the Swan Business Engagement Program.