Want to build?

If you are establishing or expanding your business in the City of Swan and are looking to build, you will need to submit an Application for Development/Planning Approval(PDF, 419KB)  to the City for approval.

Under the Building Act 2011 and Building Regulations 2012, administration for building approvals are now processed in Western Australia by the Building Commission and require compliance stated within the plans and specifications by the builder named on the certificate of design permit.

You will need to have a Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) signed by any registered building surveyor with appropriate qualifications. You will find a list of registered building surveyors on the Building Commission website.  

Alternatively, you can engage the City to provide a Certificate of Design Compliance Application for a commercial structure. You may find the Class 2-9 Checklist(PDF, 153KB) helpful.

You may also find the City's application forms, building checklists and buildings and structures pages useful.