South Guildford

Located 12 kilometres east of the Perth CBD and 2.5 kilometres west of the Midland CBD, transport to the area is via passenger rail, Great Eastern Highway to the west and the Great Eastern Highway Bypass to the east, making the industrial area an easily accessible location for business.Due to its proximity and industry similarities to Hazelmere, most information gathered is captured in reference to both areas.

These areas are important for existing and future industrial, commercial and agricultural industries and house many ‘high employing’ businesses. Within South Guildford and Hazelmere alone there are 23 businesses that employ between 20 and 199 employees predominantly in manufacturing and wholesale trade. The remaining are split between hospitality, transport/warehousing and administration. Significantly, Westrac CAT has been operating in South Guildford for over 50 years.

Industries within these industrial and commercial pockets are of huge importance to the local economy, with approximately 12.8% of business having an annual turnover in excess of $2 million dollars.

Settled in the 1800s, South Guildford and Guildford represent two of the oldest settlements in the State. Although not well known as a tourist destination today, South Guildford was the location of the first vineyard in the Swan Valley some 180 years ago. Separated from Guildford by the Helena River and bordered to the west by the Swan River, South Guildford has a large area of river frontage.

Area statistics

Size of South Guildford
5.6km2 (approx)
Number of businesses
Number of workers
Top 3 industry sectors
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Professional services
Transport links
  • Great Eastern Highway
  • Great Eastern Highway Bypass
  • Kalamunda Road
Land uses
Industrial, residential
Industrial land value
$325/m2 (indicative)