Food Act & Food Safety Regulations

To ensure compliance with the Food Act (2008) and the production of safe food, the City of Swan has dedicated Environmental Health Officers who work with local business and community groups that prepare food for sale.

If you are thinking of starting a food business, please visit the Department of Health (WA) website where you will find information about starting a new food business. For information about Australia's safe food system, visit the Food Standards Australia New Zealand website.

The Department of Health (WA) maintains a list of all food businesses and individuals who have been convicted of an offence under the Food Act (2008) and its subsidiary legislation relating to the handling of food. Food businesses and persons (individuals or body corporates) that have been convicted of an offence will be listed on the "publication of names of offenders list" and will remain on the web based publication for 24 months from the date of conviction. The purpose of the list is to provide consumers with information to enable them to make informed decisions about where they buy food. Under the Food Act (2008), the City of Swan must forward details of any prosecutions to the Department of Health.

For more information about how to set up a food business in the City of Swan, our Food Business pages may be helpful. You will also find our Public Health pages very informative when looking to operate a food business in the City of Swan.