Food business legislation, guidelines and forms

Food Act (2008)

Food Regulations (2009)

I'm ALERT - Online food safety training

Food Business - A guide for new food business proprietors(PDF, 279KB)

Food Business - A guide to food businesses in residential premises(PDF, 207KB)

Food Business - A guide to the operational requirements for food premises(PDF, 848KB)

Food Business - A guide to the structural requirements for food premises(PDF, 947KB)

Food Business - Change of ownership for an existing food business(PDF, 236KB)

Food Business - Home based food business registration form(PDF, 224KB)

Food Business - New food business registration form(PDF, 418KB)

Food Business - Notification form for an exempt food business(PDF, 162KB)

Street Trading - Application for an alfresco licence(PDF, 126KB)

Street Trading - Application for a market stall licence(PDF, 331KB)

Street Trading - Application for a street trading licence(PDF, 237KB)

For more food safety information like poisoning, reporting complaints or pests, our Public Health pages are a valuable source of information.