Local Laws

The City of Swan has enacted a number of local laws to ensure that activities throughout the City are regulated, controlled and efficiently managed. You can view these laws online, by clicking on the relevant law in this section.

Extractive Industries Local Law

View a copy of the City's Extractive Industries Local Law(PDF, 212KB).

Consolidated Local Laws 2005

The Consolidated Local Laws 2005 provide for the regulation, control and management of the following areas:

  • Reserves and foreshores
  • City property, public swimming pools and recreation facilities
  • Bridges, jetties and weirs
  • Trading in public places (eg alfresco dining, street markets, trading and entertainment)
  • Verges and crossings
  • Parking and parking facilities
  • Advertising signs in thoroughfares
  • Nuisance
  • Cats, dogs and horses, and
  • Prevention and abatement of sand drift

View a full copy of the City's Consolidated Local Laws 2005(DOC, 578KB)

Health Local Law 2002

The City of Swan Health Local Law 2002 provides standards, requirements, rights and enforcement powers regarding public health issues including:

  • Sanitation
  • Housing and general
  • Food waste and rubbish
  • Nuisances
  • Pest control
  • Lodging houses, and
  • Offensive trades

View a copy of the City's Health Local Law 2002(PDF, 240KB).

Meeting Procedures Local Law 2019

The purpose of the local law is to provide for the proper conduct of Council meetings, Committee meetings, agenda forums and briefing sessions.

View a copy of the City's Meeting Procedures Local Law 2019(PDF, 1MB)  .