About local area planning


Local area planning involves community members working together with the City to identify specific issues affecting their community. Together, they produce a plan that provides solutions to meet the specific needs of their local area and support its unique character.

Local Area Plans (LAPs) provide the opportunity to recognise the unique character and needs of our diverse communities. They focus on planning for the management of future growth as well as offering community service provision. Each LAP identifies a broad range of issues that affect the local area and, in consultation with the local community, establishes a vision and objectives for the area, consolidating strategies and actions already identified in City-wide strategic documents such as the Strategic Community Plan (SCP) and Local Planning Strategy (LPS).

During development phase, and again when LAPs have been drafted, community workshops and consultation phases are held to identify local issues, priorities, strategies and actions. The City appreciates the tremendous support and contribution made by community members and other stakeholders in developing their Local Area Plans.