City of Swan planning laws and Shalom House

All houses, businesses and facilities require planning approval from their Local Government to be built, or operate.

This approval is usually obtained before a house or structure is built or a business/facility starts to operate.

However, Shalom House began operating without the required planning approval and as a result was required to submit a retrospective planning application.

As with all other properties in the Swan Valley, Shalom House was assessed against the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 17 and the Swan Valley Planning Act area to make sure it met all of the relevant criteria.

The City’s assessment found that Shalom House did not meet one of the criteria set out in the Swan Valley Planning Act; its building classification.

The City found that Shalom House had the wrong classification to be to be operating (as it stands) in the Swan Valley area, and would need to seek an amendment to the City’s Local Planning Scheme to allow it to be approved.