Organ Donation

You can transform the lives of 10 people by registering to become an organ and tissue donor.

Around 1,400 Australians are on an organ transplant list at any one time. It could be a friend, a loved one or someone in your community. Most of us believe registering to become a donor is important, yet two in three people have not actually joined the register. The fact is, one person becoming an organ and tissue donor could save the lives of up to 10 people.

The City of Swan is getting involved in lifting the national donation rate, and we need your help.

If you would accept a life-saving transplant for yourself or a loved one, then please say yes to becoming an organ and tissue donor this month.

What should I do?

Discover – understand organ and tissue donation by getting to know the facts. Visit to find out more.

Decide – join the Australian Organ Donor Register online today.

Discuss – talking to your family and friends about your decision is very important.

How can I sign up?

This year, we will be sending out organ donation registration forms to each of our residents with their annual rates notices. You can use the reply-paid envelope to send your completed form back to the Australian Organ Donor Register.

You can also visit the Organ and Tissue Authority at to register online.