Albion District Structure Plan

Enquiries relating to development of this land should be directed to Statutory Planning on 9267 9267.

The WA Planning Commission resolved to approve the Albion District Structure Plan (Albion DSP) December 15, 2010. This document has been prepared to guide the development of approximately 504ha in Henley Brook, adjoining Whiteman Park and now known as 'Brabham'.

Read the Albion District Structure Plan(PDF, 10MB).

This document is accompanied by district level reporting contained as appendices to the report:

  1. Local Water Management Strategy
  2. Bushland Management Plan
  3. Noise Management Plan
  4. Transport and Access Report
  5. Commercial Centres Strategy and
  6. Community and Economic Development Plan.

Read the full Albion DSP Appendices.(PDF, 15MB)

Future proposals for development in this area will require the prior preparation of a Local Structure Plan informed by the detail provided in the Albion DSP. The land is zoned Special Use Zone -10 and is subject to the provisions listed in Schedule 4 of the City's Scheme. The City advises that this land is located within Development Contribution Area 1 - Albion. Read a copy of the current Development Contribution Plan.