Bullsbrook Townsite District Structure Plan


In 2014, the City endorsed the Bullsbrook Townsite Land Use Master Plan (BLUMP). Based on updated town planning regulations and subsequent modifications to the plan, the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) approved the final report as the Bullsbrook Townsite District Structure Plan (BTDSP) in 2018. The BTDSP is a strategy for the future development of the Bullsbrook townsite and is intended to provide guidance and advocacy for development of the townsite to 2031 and beyond.

The BTDSP proposes a range of land uses including residential, district and neighbourhood centres, mixed use developments, commercial, industrial, public open space, community facilities, and rapid transit services. Supporting documents include the Regional Water Management Strategy (Appendix 1.0) and the updated Transport Impact Assessment (Appendix 2.0).

The BTDSP satisfies the targets of "Directions 2031" and goes toward meeting the City's vision to accommodate the future community in a liveable town that is sustainable, vibrant and prosperous.