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Planning Scheme Amendments

Amendments to Local Planning Scheme No. 17 (LPS17) that support the Urban Housing Strategy have been approved by the Minister for Planning and published in the Government Gazette of Western Australia.

Amendment 92

LPS17 Amendment 92 was gazetted on Friday, October 23, 2015. It comprises the introduction of textual provisions for dual residential coding, modification to Schedule 5 Exemptions and the reclassification of approximately 13,500 properties to designate a dual residential code.

Affected properties are located in the suburbs of Ballajura, Beechboro, Bellevue, Bullsbrook, Koongamia, Lockridge, Kiara, Middle Swan, Midland, Noranda, South Guildford, Swan View, Viveash and Woodbridge.

To see if your property is affected by Amendment 92, please view the approved scheme maps which display properties with the approved dual residential codes.

Amendment 93

LPS17 Amendment 93 was gazetted on Tuesday, October 27, 2015. This amendment proposed the rezoning of land within Hazelmere from “Residential Redevelopment” to “Residential” with a dual density code of R5/R20 or R5/R25. Further detail is included in the approved scheme maps which display properties with approved dual residential codes.

Further information

If you have any questions relating to the implementation of LPS17 Amendments 92 or 93, including how your property may be affected, please contact Statutory Planning 9267 9267.