Talkie Tea Rooms

The Talkie Tea Rooms located at the Midland Town Hall provided refreshments for the local theatre goers in the 1900’s and still remains today. While the tea rooms no longer operate you might notice a refreshed look with some black and white photographs depicting some of the historic scenes and buildings of the time.

The photographs show the following:

1.            Power House Site (first half) [1915]

2.            Men in front of the train – 1st North bound train to leave Midland Junction [1894]

3.            Midland Post Office (then known as Telegraph Office) [1912]

4.            Locomotives inside the Midland Railway Workshops [1924]

5.            Old Midland Court House (Opened 1987)

6.            Halliday’s Blacksmith & Wheelwright, Spring Park Rd, Midland [1917]

7.            Power House Site (other half) [1915]

The Talkie Tea Rooms will also become the hub where you can discover more information on all the exciting events coming up in Swan, as well as happenings in Midland Place. Just like the old days when patrons gathered after a show to talk about what was going on in town, Talkie Tea Rooms is set to become Midland’s favourite spot to chat, reminisce and make plans in your City.