Organising a public event

The City of Swan approves a large number of single, one-off public events each year ranging from outdoor concerts to festivals and exhibitions. These events vary significantly in complexity and degree of risk to public health and safety. Therefore, all public events are assessed using a risk weighting checklist and categorised into high, medium and low risk events. A different approval process is followed based on the risk.

The City uses risk factors such as numbers of patrons, presence of alcohol and the duration of the event to determine the risk level. Please contact City of Swan Health Services on 9267 9153 to determine the risk classification of your event.

To assist you with planning for your event we have put together a Guide to Public Events(PDF, 465KB) document. The guide will help you to minimise impacts to nearby residents, minimise the health and safety risks to patrons of the event and to comply with the relevant legislation.

Before you hold your public event, you must complete an Application for approval of a public event form(PDF, 271KB) along with any other relevant documentation and send it into us, at least 60 days prior to the event date.

In addition to the information contained in the application form, the event organiser also needs to provide the following:

Another important factor to consider when planning your event is accessibility. The Creating Accessible events(PDF, 96KB) checklist is an informative guide to help you.