Local Government Inventory & Heritage List


Why is heritage so important?

Heritage is important in understanding the history of the City of Swan and the State as a whole. Heritage places can be buildings, structures, gardens, cemeteries, landscapes and archaeological sites. The City of Swan wants to help protect places of cultural heritage significance for future generations so they too will be able to enjoy a rich and diverse cultural environment and understand what came before them.

What is cultural heritage significance?

'Cultural heritage significance' is the aesthetic, historic, scientific or social significance a place has for present and future generations. These values have been defined by the State Heritage Office, and in the preparation of the Local Government Inventory, were used as criteria to evaluate the importance of a place within the City of Swan.

What is a Local Government Inventory?

All local governments are required under the Heritage of Western Australia Act 1990 to compile and maintain a Local Government Inventory of places that are or may become of local cultural heritage significance. The inventory comprises a Place Record for each place which details what is known about the place.

Inclusion in the Inventory alone does not mean that a property is ‘heritage listed’. Inventories assist the City to determine conservation policies and provide background information about local heritage.

What is a Heritage List?

The Heritage List is a list of places compiled under the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 17 which are given certain protection under the Scheme. The Heritage List is derived from those places in the Local Government Inventory with the highest levels of heritage significance. It does not include all places in the Inventory.

Planning approval is required for demolition, alterations or other development, in order for an assessment to be made upon the impact of the proposal upon the heritage value of the place. The City may apply incentives for the conservation of places and buildings on the Heritage List by varying normal development requirements where this will assist the conservation of the place or building.

Does entry in the Local Government Inventory protect a property?

The City of Swan’s Local Government Inventory provides recognition of a place's importance to the local community. Places entered in the Inventory do not have statutory protection, unless they are also listed in the City’s Heritage List under Local Planning Scheme No. 17, are within the Guildford or Woodbridge heritage precincts, or have been entered in the State Register of Heritage Places.

What are the requirements for an owner of a place entered in the Heritage List?

The Heritage List comprises the following management categories from the Local Government Inventory.

Places of Exceptional Significance

High level of planning oversight required to ensure no adverse impacts on significance.

  • All works require approval.
  • A Heritage Impact Statement will be required if proposed works are not according to a Conservation Plan.

The majority of the places considered to be of Exceptional Significance are already entered in the State Register of Heritage Places, and subject to advice from the State Heritage Office.

Places of Considerable Significance

Some changes will be allowed without approval. For example:

  • All interior works, unless approval for these works is required under Local Planning Policy.
  • Maintenance and repair.

A Heritage Impact Statement will only be required for major works or substantial redevelopment.

How can I find out about properties that may be on the Local Government Inventory or Heritage List?

You can find out if a particular property is on either list by searching for the property address in Intramaps. The City's inventory may also be viewed on a central database called inHerit which brings together the results of the listing and survey of heritage places in Western Australia over the past two decades. inHerit allows you to:

  • Conduct searches to find information about specific places
  • See where places are located (in aerial maps and StreetView)
  • See all the listings applicable to a particular place, sorted for clarification ("statutory listings" and "other listings")
  • Conduct searches for categories or classes of heritage places (eg. "find all the pastoral stations built in WA in the 1890s").

InHerit is a service provided by the State Heritage Office. Data content is maintained and updated in collaboration with local governments, as custodians of local heritage place data.

Notwithstanding the above, the most up to date source of information regarding heritage listings can be obtained by calling the City's planning teams on 9267 9267.