What's on


Christmas & New Year opening hours


Altone Park Leisure Centre

 Date Opening Hours  Fitness Classes
 Dec 24 8am-12pm  No Classes 
 Dec 25  Closed No Classes
 Dec 26  8am-12pm No Classes
 Dec 27  8am-5pm CX 9am
Body Pump 9:30am
 Dec 28  8am-5pm Body Pump 9:30am
Body & Soul 10:30am
 Dec 29  8am-5pm Metafit 9am
Yoga 9:30am
 Dec 30  8am -5pm Metafit 8:30am
Body Pump 9:30am
 Dec 31  8am -5pm No Classes
 Jan 1  Closed No Classes
 Jan 2

 Return to normal

 As per timetable


Ballajura Aquatic Centre


Opening Hours 

 Aqua Fitness

Dec 24  8am - 12pm  No Classes 
 Dec 25 Closed  No Classes
 Dec 26 8am - 12pm  No Classes 
 Dec 27 8am -5pm  No Classes 
 Dec 28  8am -5pm  No Classes
 Dec 29  8am - 5pm  No Classes
 Dec 30  8am - 5pm  No Classes
 Dec 31  8am -5pm  No Classes
 Jan 1  Closed  No Classes
 Jan 2  6am - 8pm  No Classes


Swan Park Leisure Centre

 Date Opening Hours  Fitness Classes 
 Dec 24  7am -12pm  No Classes
 Dec 25 Closed  No Classes 
 Dec 26 7am -12pm  No Classes 
 Dec 27 7am -6pm  Body Pump 9:40am
Deep Aqua 9:30am 
 Dec 28 7am-6pm  No Classes 
 Dec 29 7am-6pm  Spin 9:30am
Deep Aqua 9:30am 
 Dec 30 7am-6pm  No Classes 
 Dec 31 7am-6pm  No Classes 
 Jan 1 Closed No Classes 
 Jan 2 Return to Normal   As per timetable