Go Digi - National Year of Digital Inclusion


Go Digi is a national digital literacy initiative aimed at helping Australians realise their online potential. It is an online platform that provides information, training, courses and more to help all Australians learn how to live confidently in an increasingly digital world.

Infoxchange and Australia Post have partnered to create this four year digital literacy program and invited others, including public libraries, to get involved in and support the program. You can read more about the Go Digi initiative on the Go Digi website

As the City of Swan Libraries are strong advocates of digital literacy and run several technology programs around how to use tablet devices and computers as well as day-to-day hands-on help to people who visit our libraries, we have decided to become a Go Digi partner. City of Swan Libraries is proud to support the Go Digi digital literacy program.

2016 was the National Year of Digital Inclusion and a great year to discover and learn about technology and our eLibrary.

Visit the Go Digi website today for a wealth of information on how to realise your online potential!

The site also has a host of online learning guides available; such as:

Visit the Go Digi website for more online guides.



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