Inter-library loan system


Commencing July 1, 2017, public libraries within Western Australia are trialling new changes to inter-library loans. 

Changes to the inter-library loan system

Will there still be an inter-library loan service? Yes. There is no intention to stop the inter-library loan service between public libraries.
Why is the inter-library loan system changing? The current inter-library loans model in WA is outdated having been developed a number of years ago in a very different environment with respect to the supply of library materials. Today buying a book is often cheaper and faster than an inter-library loan and many titles are also available electronically.
What if I can’t find my item in the City of Swan catalogue? Please ask our staff for assistance to explore all access options to our collection. If the item is not available in print they can help you find similar titles, or your title in audio, large print, eAudio or eBook format, or streaming service.
What if my item is available at another metropolitan Library? You may wish to consider travelling to the other Local Government library branch to borrow the item. City of Swan Libraries members are entitled to join other Metro libraries. Please note that you will need to return the item to the branch from which you obtained it.
What if my item is not available via any other avenue? Our staff will provide you with a request form. Please fill out as much detail as possible. The title may be considered for purchase or inter-library loan if it fits within our Collection Development Guidelines or the Inter-library Loan Trial guidelines. You will be advised as soon as possible if the title cannot be supplied.
I like to obtain new releases and best sellers. Can I still place requests for these?

Yes. If they are not in our collection already they may be considered for purchase. If they are in our collection we may purchase extra copies.

Alternatively our staff can assist you in finding a place you can purchase the title for yourself. If you take up this option, you may want to consider donating the title to the Library when you are finished with it for others to enjoy.

Can I request items that are probably not of general interest to others in my community?

Yes. If the item does not fit within our Collection Development Guidelines it may be considered for inter-library loan.

Should your item fall outside of the WA public library system, an associated cost may be incurred, to be paid by you. In this case, you will be given the final decision whether or not to obtain the item.

If you wish to provide feedback on the inter-library loan trial please contact your local library in writing or email