Youth Out Loud Public Speaking Competition

Youth Out Loud is a public speaking competition for young people aged 12 – 25 who live, work, attend school or belong to a club in the City of Swan. The competition provides young people with a platform to speak out about issues that not only affect them, but their community too, and is part of the City's commitment to ensuring the public participation of young people.

Contestants can cover topics as far ranging as social media, different worldviews or the environment in their speeches, as long as they are relevant to the theme of the competition. The theme changes every year. The theme for Youth Out Loud 2019 will be announced early in 2019 and all those that have registered their interest to compete in the competition will be notified.

Youth Out Loud 2019

If you're thinking about entering Youth Out Loud 2019, please fill in the registration form below. You will be contacted with more information about the competition in early 2019.

Youth Out Loud Registration Form

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Eligibility for Youth Out Loud (select all that apply)
I live in the City of Swan
I attend school in the City of Swan
I work in the City of Swan
I belong to a club in the City of Swan
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Media waver: During the competition there will be media from the City of Swan and the local community. As such, the City asks you to authorise us to use your image, words and speech in both community and City of Swan publications in order to be part of the competition. Parent or guardian consent is needed for persons under the age of 18.

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For further information contact Michelle Drabarek Dib, Youth Development Officer, on 9278 9683 or 0424 183 539 (Tuesday to Thursday) or email