Cr Ian Johnson

Councillor - Midland/Guildford Ward


Elected in 2015, Ian has lived in Guildford since 2007. He is involved in the community as a member of the Guildford Association, Midland Ascension Church, Midland Districts Community Group and other groups, including serving as a volunteer firefighter. Ian works as a computer software project manager, which involved working for a period of time in Midland.

Ian thinks Midland and Guildford have a great future and is working to ensure Midland is thoughtfully redeveloped while retaining our heritage buildings.

"As a resident of Guildford for eight years, and married with one daughter, I am determined to preserve Midland/Guildford's unique heritage and environment. I am for a family-friendly Midland, bicycle paths, public transport, better bus shelters, better street lighting and security in Midland, appreciation and protection of our wildlife and rural setting."