Have your say - Proposed closure St Leonards Boulevard and Lord Street

Published on 07 March 2018


Members of the public are invited to comment on the proposed closure of the following intersection:

  • St Leonards Boulevard, Dayton with Lord Street, Dayton

The intention of the closure is to address existing traffic congestion on the existing Lord Street through the construction of a new signalised intersection, located approximately 90 metres northwest of the current St Leonards Boulevard roundabout in Dayton. The new intersection will connect New Lord Street and Marshall Road.

The current roundabout, connecting existing Lord Street with Marshall Road and St Leonards Boulevard will become redundant as a result of these works and the section of road between Dayton Boulevard and St Leonards Boulevard is to be removed and the area rehabilitated.

From approximately August 2018, it is proposed the roundabout at St Leonards Boulevard and Lord Street will be closed permanently and St Leonards Boulevard will become a permanent cul-de-sac. Access to St Leonards Estate will be provided from Isoodon Street off the new Dayton Boulevard roundabout. 

A location plan can be inspected online, at the City’s Administration Centre, Morrison Road, Midland or at any of the City’s libraries, during office hours.

Submissions from the public are invited, before this matter goes to Council. 

Anyone wishing to object to, support, or comment on the proposal may do so by lodging a written submission addressed to the City of Swan, PO Box 196 Midland 6936, or by emailing Peter.Lewis-Affleck@swan.wa.gov.au by 5pm Friday April 6, 2018. 

For further information regarding the planned construction works relating to this closure please visit the Main Roads project page,  or contact the project directly on 138 138 of via newlordstreet@mainroads.wa.gov.au.