City of Swan launches cyber safety program

Published on 13 April 2018

Kids with laptops

The City of Swan has joined the national eSmart Libraries system, promoting online safety and offering skills and advice on how to tackle cyber bullying.

Libraries are connected to an online system, ensuring staff are equipped to support customers on how to use technology in a smart, safe and responsible way.

Guidance will be given on how to guard against security and privacy risks, providing a framework for the safe and legal downloading of content.

The eSmart Libraries initiative is part of an $8 million roll out to 1,500 public libraries across Australia through a partnership between the Telstra Foundation and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation.

City of Swan Mayor David Lucas said that eSmart Libraries will provide up to date protection and education on how to stay safe online.

“Online security is vital in protecting our safety and privacy, especially for children who can be vulnerable to cyber bullying,” he said.

“The eSmart Libraries system ensures that City of Swan library staff has access to the latest tools and resources to equip the community with the skills and knowledge required to stay safe online.”

Pearce Ward Councillor Cate McCullough believes the initiative will greatly benefit visitors to the City of Swan’s public libraries.

“We can never be too careful when we go online and eSmart Libraries offers up to date training and education to ensure that visitors to our libraries stay safe,” said Councillor McCullough.

Public libraries are the most heavily used community centres in Australia, reaching out to some of the most disadvantaged members of our society.

More than half of the population are public library members, making over 110 million visits per year to libraries across Australia. More than one third of these libraries are already participating in the eSmart program.

The Telstra Foundation and the Alannah & Madeline Foundation will work with library communities to manage cyber issues and continue to embrace the positive benefits of online activity.

The eSmart Libraries initiative is an extension of eSmart Schools, which has been adopted by more than 2,200 Australian schools since its launch in June 2011.

On Wednesday, April 18, at 10.30am, eSmart Libraries will be launched at Ellenbrook Community Library.

For more information, call 9207 8787.