Employment in the face of disruption series comes to Swan

Published on 12 September 2018

The City of Swan, in partnership with North Metropolitan TAFE, is hosting an innovative series of three employment workshops to ensure the community is future-ready for a new era of employment.

The free event series will highlight the transforming nature of employment with a focus on technological advancements in the workplace such as robotics and automation.

City of Swan Mayor David Lucas said it was vital for business owners and prospective employees to adapt to changing work practices.

“Technology is rapidly developing and we are becoming more and more digitalised in many areas of our lives, including the workplace,” he said.

“Jobs that have existed for as long as we can remember are slowly changing and making way for automation and robots, and we need to learn how to adapt to this accordingly.

“This is sure to be a fascinating and highly engaging series, and I encourage you – whether you’re an employer or employee – to come along and learn something new.”

The three sessions are tailored to business owners, job seekers, employees, educators and school leavers looking at employment.

Taking place at the North Metropolitan TAFE campus in Midland, the series will run on September 18, October 24 and November 13.

Midland/Guildford Ward Councillor Mark Elliott said the City aims to facilitate sustainable business growth throughout the region.

“The City actively supports local business and employment, and regularly facilitates business events and workshops,” he said.

“The City’s vision is to ensure local businesses are supported and sustainable, and education is a vital step in doing so.

“It’s great to see the City assisting our community’s readiness for the future.”

For more information, email business@swan.wa.gov.au or call 9267 9358.

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