Special Meeting of Electors to discuss redevelopment

Published on 02 March 2018


The City of Swan is holding a Special Meeting of Electors on Tuesday March 13 at 5.30pm at the Midland Town Hall to discuss the Midland Oval Redevelopment Masterplan.

The meeting was set by the City after receiving a request from the public in the form of a petition, which asked the City to consider ‘undertaking further public consultation in relation to the Midland Oval Redevelopment Masterplan before its finalisation and any commencement of works are undertaken in relation to the development.’

City of Swan Mayor David Lucas said the idea of the meeting was to give the community an opportunity to discuss the issue and answer any questions they may have.

“It is also an opportunity for all City of Swan community members to come and have a look at the Midland Oval Redevelopment Masterplan, view artist impressions and look through detailed designs,” he said.

“There has been a lot of talk about the development, however not everyone has had the chance to explore what it will include and the benefits it could bring, so I would like to invite all City residents to come along and learn more about it.”

The Midland Oval Redevelopment Masterplan has been developed using feedback from extensive community consultation, past development concepts and State Government plans and reports. Since then the masterplan has been the subject of extensive community consultation and Council discussion, which led to the public open space being increased to almost two hectares.

Mayor Lucas said it was important to remember that Special meetings were restricted to discussion on the matters specified in the original request.

“These matters are included in the notice of the meeting and will be read out during items to be discussed as stated in the request,” he said.

“While all community members are welcome to attend, only electors on the City of Swan electoral role will be able to ask a question, make a statement, and/or move/second a motion and/or vote and staff will be verifying this on arrival.”

For enquires or further information regarding the special meeting please contact the City’s Governance Support Officer via email - council.meetings@swan.wa.gov.au.

For more information on the Midland Oval Redevelopment, visit the ‘New Heart of Midland’ page on the website.