City of Swan adopts lowest rates increase in more than 20 years

Published on 04 July 2019

The City of Swan Council last night approved a 1.3 per cent rates increase and adopted the 2019/20 Annual Budget.

City of Swan Mayor David Lucas said the 2019/20 Annual Budget is about putting our community first.

"We give the Annual Budget careful consideration to ensure the lowest financial impact on ratepayers while continuing to ensure the City invests in areas that improve the quality of life that our community deserves." he said.

"For 2019/20, a rates increase of just 1.3% has been adopted which is the lowest rates increase in more than 20 years, which is below CPI.

"We are committed to responsible financial management, while delivering the services and projects that will sustain our community for many years to come."

Not only is the City of Swan the largest local government area in metropolitan Perth, it’s also one of the fastest growing, with its population estimated to double to over 300,000 by 2051.

"With a growing population comes the need for improved services and new and upgraded infrastructure such community and recreational centres, active and passive parks, roads, cycleways and drainage," said Mayor Lucas.

"Our capital works budget is $134.7 million, which includes; new building works; road, footpath, cycle ways, bridge and drainage infrastructure works, parks, land acquisition; environmental land care and waterways works."

2019/20 Annual Budget at a glance:

  • $68.2 million for road reserve infrastructure
  • $21.4 million for building works
  • $17.4 million for parks and reserve infrastructure
  • $4.1 million for drainage infrastructure