National scale growth on the agenda for City of Swan

Published on 20 November 2019

1 - City of Swan CEO Mike Foley presenting the NGAA Built Environment Award to Kathryn Seirlis from City of Casey.jpg

The City of Swan welcomed Mayors, Councillors and CEOs from growth area councils across Australia to the 2019 National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA) National Congress in the Swan Valley last week.

Held at locations in the Swan Valley, Midland and Guildford between November 10 and 12, the event focussed on building communities for people in Australia's fast growing outer suburbs.

The National Growth Areas Alliance is the peak body representing five million people who live in the fastest growing suburbs, cities and towns around Australia’s capital cities.

The Alliance advocates for a stronger Federal Government focus on the needs of Australia’s fast-growing outer suburbs, currently home to five million people.

City of Swan Mayor Kevin Bailey said the NGAA member councils share experiences and knowledge to maximise opportunities and overcome the hurdles faced in building communities from the ground up.

"The Congress was a great opportunity to collaborate on meeting the needs of our community into the future," he said.

"We are at the forefront of the population boom - for the City of Swan, our population is expected to more than double in the next 30 years.

"We look to the future to ensure we are providing housing options and vital infrastructure for our growing and diverse population."

"So far, this has included delivering first class sporting facilities like Ellenbrook Sports Hub, multiple new Community Hubs, vital transport infrastructure and essential services like aged care and youth development.

Mayor Bailey said he looks forward to continuing to put plans in motion to ensure we can meet the needs of our community into the future.

"This requires a collaborative effort with our neighbouring Local Governments, State and Federal Government and developers - the more voices heard, the more resources are likely to go towards completing these essential improvements."

NGAA Chairperson Mayor Glenn Docherty said Australia’s growth area councils, where the population has doubled in one generation, are building new suburbs and towns at an astounding pace.

"There are amazing opportunities for local governments in growth areas to shape our future cities, and there are also big challenges," he said.

“Since 2011, over 35% of Australia’s population growth has been in outer urban growth areas – that’s one million new residents in eight years. Yet these areas have only received 13% of federal infrastructure funding.

“Population projections show that a further 2.5 million new residents will be moving into our outer suburbs over the coming 15 years, bringing the total population to over 7.5 million.

"Creating a sense of place in a new community is complex, particularly in the greenfield sites common in growth areas.

"At National Congress we brought together world-leading examples and knowledge on the best ways to create Australia’s newest cities, towns and suburbs and the infrastructure investment that is needed."

1 - City of Swan CEO Mike Foley presenting the NGAA Built Environment Award to Kathryn Seirlis from City of Casey.jpg
City of Swan CEO Mike Foley presenting the NGAA Built Environment Award to Kathryn Seirlis from City of Casey, Vic. Award sponsored by the City of Swan.


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City of Swan CEO Mike Foley, Bronwen Clark (Exec Officer NGAA), City of Swan Mayor Kevin Bailey, Andrew Giles MP (Shadow Minister for Infrastructure), Mayor Glenn Docherty (Playford, NGAA Chair) and Mayor Tracey Roberts (Wanneroo, NGAA Deputy Chair)
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