City of Swan is paving the way for sustainability

Published on 19 November 2019

Sustainable asphalt - websize.jpg

The City of Swan is making new ground by undertaking its first ever trials of sustainable asphalt.

This month, the City resurfaced Talbot Road in Jane Brook and West Swan Road in Belhus, including a trial zone on each road to test two different kinds of sustainable asphalt.

This approach means that the City will be able to compare the performance of the new products relative to standard asphalt under identical traffic, geometric and weather conditions.

City of Swan Mayor Kevin Bailey said the City is committed to innovation, particularly when it has a positive impact on the environment.

“The benefits are twofold, not only are we diverting waste from landfill, but we are also helping to reduce demand for non-renewable resources,” he said.

“Our City has a bright future and we are excited to embrace the new technologies that are going to make us more advanced and sustainable.”

Midland/Guildford Ward Councillor Claire Scanlan said this is the first time the City is using recycled plastics and tyres for road resurfacing.

“On West Swan Road, we laid 200 tonnes of Crumb Rubber asphalt, which is made from over 250 light truck tyres,” she said.

“Talbot Road was resurfaced with 400 tonnes of Plastiphalt, meaning that vehicles will be travelling on top of asphalt made from approximately 200,000 plastic bags.”

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