South Guildford Cleanaway Fire

Published on 28 November 2019


A significant structural fire at the Cleanaway South Guildford Material Recovery Facility (MRF) took place on November 25, 2019.


The City of Swan immediately diverted its household recycling to the Southern Metropolitan Regional Council (SMRC) in Canning Vale for processing.

The facility is responsible for processing all of the City’s recycling. We are working closely with Cleanaway to ensure that recycling continues while the Cleanaway South Guildford MRF is closed.

The City is committed to best practice recycling and requests that all residents continue to place the correct items in their yellow lid recycling bin. 

For more details on what is accepted in the recycling bin go to

Air Quality

Air quality in the area is being monitored and although no air toxicity levels have been detected at ground level, dense smoke and odours may cause irritation, sore eyes, coughing, a runny nose and an asthmatic response.

Anyone who feels affected should consult their General Practitioner who is best placed to address underlying or pre-disposition health concerns.

Please refer to the DFES website for further information. 

Rainwater Tanks

While unlikely that chemical deposition onto roof catchments have occurred, any residents in the South Guildford area with rainwater tanks for drinking, cooking or personal washing and whose properties were downwind of the fire site, and /or received ash deposition onto their land, may consider diverting the first flush (next rain) to waste, or a holding tank pending results of testing by DWER.  

Please visit the DWER website for further information. 



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