Connect with nature at Featherflower Park

Published on 18 September 2020

Featherflower Park - resized.png

Get ready to enjoy the great outdoors with the City of Swan’s newest outdoor recreation space, located in Dayton.

Now open to the public, the developer-funded project includes beautiful natural wetlands with play areas for kids of all ages and an outdoor gym.

The landscaping encompasses a perimeter footpath and a bespoke shade shelter made from Toodyay stone.

City of Swan Mayor Kevin Bailey said he was thrilled to see the project come together.

“With so many people moving into the area, what we needed was a place for locals to come and recharge and enjoy the natural beauty of Dayton,” he said.

“The new development has honoured its roots by retaining the site’s existing elements and complementing it with additional plantings, including a variety of native species.

“You may also notice some unusual trees like palm trees, and I’ve been told that this is because, many years ago, the site was part of Caversham Wildlife Park.”

Deputy Mayor David Lucas said the new wetlands has something for everyone.

“If you have young kids, there’s a toddler corral with play equipment; if you have older kids, there’s a slide, logs to jump on and even a flying fox,” he said.

“You can enjoy a gentle stroll around the wetlands or if you’re after a bit more exertion, the outdoor gym has a wobble board, butterfly and shoulder press, leg lift, leg press and back extension.”

Dayton was established in 2011 and is one of the City’s newest and fastest growing suburbs.

Along with Brabham, Dayton forms part of the City’s Urban Growth Corridor (UGC).

The UGC has a projected population growth of more than 118 per cent by 2051, with more 39,000 people expected to call the area home over the next 30 years.

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