Annual weed spraying program

Published on 30 July 2020

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The City of Swan undertakes weed spraying throughout the year to keep weeds to a minimum. This includes spraying footpaths, kerb lines, public access ways, main open drains, rural roadside shoulders, drains and verges.

Chemicals used in the weed spraying program

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) controls and regulates pesticides, including herbicides.The APVMA assesses chemical products for toxicology, efficacy, environmental impact, residues, breakdown times and occupational health impacts.

The City only uses herbicides that have been registered as safe to use by the APVMA, the Federal Government regulator of herbicide and pesticide registration. The chemicals that are applied are a biactive glyphosate and simanex which are of low toxicity and necessary to eradicate weeds.

City staff follow procedures to limit risk to themselves and the community while pesticides are in use, including signage.

Opt out from the annual weed spraying program

The City understands that some residents prefer to maintain their own verge, and may not want to have their verge sprayed. The property owner can request to have this area permanently exempt anytime of the year.

If you have not previously informed the City of Swan in writing, please email or send a letter to the City advising that you hereby agree to keep the verge including any footpaths, kerb-lines and open drains adjacent to your property clean and free from weed growth. Please ensure your full name and address is included in your correspondence, and once received the City will confirm your property is included on the exemption list.

Find more information about weed control and verge maintenance at

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