Changes to public participation at Council meetings

Published on 12 February 2020

Council meetings are not only an opportunity for you to find out what’s going on at the City of Swan; more importantly, it is where decisions are made by Council and is your opportunity to have your say on matters presented to Council for decision.

To continue to ensure the process is equal and fair for everyone, the format of public participation at Council meetings recently changed. The review took into account all relevant legislation and guidelines issued by the Department of Local Government.

Agenda Forums have been introduced to support decision- making by Council at Council meetings. There are number of ways for you to address Council.

At Agenda Forums, you can register for a deputation or ask questions on agenda items. At Council meetings, you can ask questions or register to make a public statement.

The following key changes will still allow you an opportunity to have your say on decisions but will also allow decisions by Councillors to be made more efficiently and effectively.

  • Deputations at Agenda Forums will be permitted a maximum of five minutes per deputation. In cases where a spokesperson is nominated to speak on behalf of a large group of people a maximum of 10 minutes will be permitted. 
  • Council Meetings will continue to have a minimum of 15 minutes for public question, with the ability for the Presiding Member to increase this in five minutes increments to a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Members of the public can ask up to five questions, in the first instance, at Council meetings. If time is available, the opportunity for more questions will be given.
  • Council will prioritise questions relating to items on the agenda.
  • Registration for public statement time will now be required and priority will be given to those wishing to speak on general matters.

The new procedures came into effect on Wednesday February 5.

New information sheets are available to help you understand the processes that take place during the meetings and what you need to do if you wish to have your say.

Find out more about the Council meeting process.


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