Every bin counts

Published on 13 January 2020

Bin health checks are continuing across our suburbs, and it's fantastic to see our community taking feedback on board and improving recycling habits.

You can see the bin pictured below had some contaminants like plastic bags and dirty food containers. These items were then removed so the rest of the material can be recycled. The only improvement is to remove lids from bottles, as these are too small for the sorting machinery at recycling facilities.

001 Bin Tagging promotion - before and after image.jpg

Thank you to everyone in our community for your continued commitment to reduce waste and recycle more. 

We can all reduce how much waste goes to landfill by recycling properly - we can only put clean glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard (flattened), aluminium and steel cans and plastic bottles and containers in our recycling bins.

Visit our recycling page for more information on how to recycle and alternative ways to dispose of waste. 

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