Community and Business Perceptions Survey

Published on 23 September 2021

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In May, we asked residents and businesses in our City to give us feedback on the areas where we’re doing well, and those where we could do better. There were 704 residents and 175 businesses that took part.

Our Community and Business Perceptions Survey, undertaken every two years, measured your satisfaction with our services and facilities as listed in our Strategic Community Plan 2021-31.

See the survey results.

Most areas received similar ratings to those received in our 2019 survey, however you highlighted the areas of communication and consultation as still being of significant concern.

The City is focused on delivering outstanding services to our communities and businesses, and your feedback helps us make sure the value of our services, and how we serve you, is always getting better.

If you’d like to learn more about the services we are delivering, view our Corporate Business Plan 2021-22.

We will be increasingly focusing on your areas of concern in the future, and as a first step, we are going to undertake focus groups with residents and business to more deeply understand how we can improve.

Our other actions include:

  • Developing a standardised approach to community engagement to improve our transparency and communication around consultation.
  • Rolling out communications on what’s being done to address your Local Area Planning priorities so that you can find out more about what’s happening in your local area
  • Creating a new division called Place Stakeholder Engagement to strengthen our relationship with our stakeholder and community groups, and regain a certain level of trust in our community. This restructure will upsize our workforce to strengthen our community engagement, consultation and customer service, particularly at the local level.

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