Updates on the Great Eastern Highway Bypass Interchanges Project

Published on 18 June 2021

Main Roads WA has released a Frequently Asked Questions information sheet on the $380million project to upgrade Roe Highway and Great Eastern Highway Bypass – jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments.

The project design is currently in the development phase. This means the original reference design for the project is being further developed into a detailed design that will allow construction to proceed.

Upon completion in 2024, the project will enhance connectivity, relieve congestion, and improve safety in Perth’s Eastern Metropolitan Region. This will provide immediate benefits for over 60,000 road users per day.

Why is this project needed?

The intersections of Great Eastern Highway Bypass (GEHB) with Roe Highway, Stirling Crescent and Abernethy Road have become increasingly congested with road users experiencing significant wait times during peak periods.

This increased congestion is due to the presence of heavy vehicles moving in a north-south direction between the Forrestfield/High Wycombe and Hazelmere industrial areas, and Perth hills residents and heavy vehicles seeking to avoid heavy traffic through Midland and Guildford.

In addition to traffic congestion issues, future expansion of the southern part of Midland around the former railway workshops precinct is constrained by the lack of direct access to and from the south. 

What does the project include?

  • Major interchanges at:
    • GEHB and Roe Highway
    • GEHB and Abernethy Road
  • An extension of Lloyd Street from its current end point to the GEHB, including a new bridge over the Helena River
  • Upgrades to the GEHB, including removal of the existing intersection at Stirling Crescent
  • Upgrades to parts of Abernethy Road. There will be a new heavy vehicle standard (RAV 7) connection at Adelaide Street
  • Upgrade of Roe Highway between Talbot Road and Clayton Street, including a bridge duplication over Helena River
  • Completion of the 30km Principal Shared Path network on Roe Highway between Great Eastern Highway and Kwinana Freeway
  • Landscaping.

For more information, visit the Great Eastern Highway Bypass Interchanges Project page at Main Roads WA.

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