City of Swan reduces rates increase for 2017/18

Published on 06 July 2017

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The City of Swan Council resolved to implement a lower rates increase than first proposed when it adopted the 2017/18 Budget on Wednesday evening.

City of Swan Mayor Mick Wainwright said Council had listened to the concerns of ratepayers, and had found budget savings to enable the initial proposal of a 3% rate increase to be reduced to 2.5%.

“Before we set our rates, we take into consideration economic conditions and the needs of our community,” he said.

“This allows us to create a practical budget, keeping rates rises to a minimum while still being able to provide the services and facilities needed for our rapidly growing community.

“Considering the growth and the increased needs of our community, this year’s budget includes a rate increase of an average of 2.5 per cent with no increase to minimums.

“Using the Rating and Budget Methodology adopted by Council, the total rates revenue per differential rate type was calculated on the proposed 2.5 per cent increase to the 2016/17 rate in the dollar. 

“The State Government’s decision to not implement the withdrawal of stamp duty and license fee concessions on Local Government vehicles, along with other additional savings, will allow the City to continue to deliver essential infrastructure, services and programs at the lowest possible cost to our ratepayers.”

Mayor Wainwright said the City’s budget was focused on boosting infrastructure, creating community hubs and providing quality services.

“In 2017/18, more than $135 million has been set aside for essential services and $104.6 million is budgeted for capital works projects across the City,” he said.

“This includes an investment of $20.4 million into building construction and works around our City, $11.1 million towards our parks and reserves, and $42.5 million on road reserve infrastructure.”

Here is our budget at a glance:

  • Recreation and culture - $55 million is budgeted to efficiently manage the City’s community centres, public libraries, cultural events, public art maintenance and leisure centres;
  • Transport - $34.2 million is budgeted for maintenance of roads and associated infrastructure, bus shelters and maintain ideal verge and parking conditions;
  • Community amenities - $26.2 million is budgeted for rubbish collection services, disposal of waste, recycling and stormwater drainage, statutory and strategic planning and other community amenities;
  • Education and welfare - $9.8 million is budgeted for community development programs for the City's increasing and aging population;
  • Economic services - $6.4 million is budgeted to regulate and provide business and tourism services such as the Swan Valley Visitor Centre, tourist information bays and building control;
  • Law, order and public safety - $6.2 million is budgeted for fire prevention, emergency services, animal control and supervision of various by-laws.