Guildford Colonial Gaol open for visitors

Published on 24 March 2017

Guildford Colonial Gaol

Visitors are invited to explore the history of the Guildford Colonial Gaol, following the City's major revamp of this heritage building, including about $300,000 worth of renovations. 

The reopening of the gaol is 176 years after the historic building took its first prisoners in April 1841. It was used for more than 100 years, eventually closing in 1969 when the adjacent courthouse also closed down.

Visitors to the gaol can rediscover Guildford's history and hear of the gaol's most notorious in-mates, which included WA's most famous bushranger Moondyne Joe. 

Guildford Gaol’s revamp included installing new drainage, restoring windows and doors, re-rendering the interior walls and removing dry rot.

Finishing touches like door colours and hearth reconstruction have all been restored to reflect the building’s original state as much as possible. 

In recent years the gaol has accommodated a museum run by volunteers from the Swan Guildford Historical Society who curate a wide range of local artefacts.

Guildford was one of the original three towns along the Swan River Colony and the Guildford Colonial Gaol is a prime example of early life in WA.

The Guildford Colonial Gaol is located on Meadow Street in Guildford and is now open Tuesdays to Saturdays between 10am and 2pm.

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