Dog exercise areas

Ensuring dogs get adequate exercise is essential to their health and wellbeing. It keeps them happy, prevents boredom and can prolong their life. 

All reserves located within the district, other than those specified in the table below, are specified as dog exercise areas, except for:

  • An area being used for sporting or other activities, as permitted by the local government, during the times of such use; 
  • A car park; 
  • Any thoroughfare.

This means that if a reserve is not listed in the table below or listed as prohibited, you may choose to exercise your dog off a leash, however, you must have effective control of your dog. This essentially means you must be in close proximity to ensure your dog does not interfere with other users of the reserve.

Nothing within this section exempts a dog owner in regards to dog attacks, thereby if a dog owner chooses to exercise their dog off a lead and it is involved in an attack, they may be responsible for that offence.

Remember, as long as your dog is leashed, you can use all City footpaths. It is important to note that the Dog Act 1976 stipulates the maximum length of a leash is 2 metres and dogs must be held by a person who is capable of controlling it.

Restricted dog exercise areas

Areas which are not exercise areas (dogs must be on leash at all times):

Suburb  Location  Street Location(s) 
 Aveley  Central Park  Egerton Drive
 Aveley  Egerton Park  Wexcombe Way
 Aveley  Wistful Wetland Park, Bushland and Lake surrounds  Amethyst Parkway
 Ballajura  Emu Lakes  Lakeshore Close & Summerlakes Parade
 Ballajura  Central Lakes  Parkview Drive, Peppermint Crescent, Conifer Close
 Beechboro  Altone Park, Lake surrounds  Benara Road
 Beechboro  Sacramento Park  Sacramento Avenue
 Beechboro  Maguire Park  Maguire Avenue
 Ellenbrook  Lake Fresca  Ponte Vecchio Boulevard
 Ellenbrook  Moulton Wetlands, Bushland and Lake surrounds  Moulton Track, Brookmount Drive, Charlottes Vista
 Ellenbrook  Mornington Park  Mornington Parkway
 Ellenbrook  Charlie Gregorini Memorial Reserve  Library Avenue
 Ellenbrook  Brook Park  Paperbark Close
 Ellenbrook  Woodlake Park  Waterview Grove
 Guildford  Stirling Square Meadow Street  
 Henley Brook  Sandown Park, Lake surrounds  Sandown Circle
 Viveash  John George Walk Trail  Bernley Drive (Lot 7528)

Dog Restricted and Prohibited areas(PDF, 271KB).


Dog infringements can be given for any number of offences, including exercising your dog unleashed in a restricted area, lack of registration and dog attacks.

If a Community Safety Advocate witnesses or receives evidence of an offence, an owner or the person in control of the dog may be issued with an infringement. Payments must be paid in full and by the due date. Otherwise, additional costs may apply. If you need more time to pay, please contact us on 9267 9267.

If you wish to dispute an infringement, please write to us before the due date at:

City of Swan
PO Box 196
Midland WA 6936

Dog Litter

The City of Swan is a unique and beautiful area to live and work, and it’s important we keep it that way for the enjoyment of everyone. Dog litter is an unwanted and unpleasant nuisance. Please do the right thing and pick up after your dog. On the spot fines of $200 apply if you don’t. The City attaches “pooch bags” to City bins in local parks where dogs are allowed.