Am I allowed to keep a rooster?


Noise from roosters must comply with noise levels set by the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997. A rooster's crow can reach 80 decibels! This is way above the typical suburban limit of 45 decibels so generally it is not possible to keep roosters in a residential area.

If complaints about noise are received and the presence of a rooster is confirmed, then this will generally be taken as demonstrating a breach or likelihood to breach the noise regulations and the City will ask for the rooster to be removed.

In special circumstances where a poultry keeper demonstrates that they can put measures in place to prevent the rooster causing a noise nuisance, then the City may not ask for a rooster to be removed, pending a trial of the noise reducing strategy.

Where noise creates a problem, the quickest and easiest solution is generally to approach the neighbour to negotiate a solution and give them the opportunity to fix the problem in the first instance. For more information, please refer to the City's guide(PDF, 193KB) to resolving disputes with neighbours.