Horse riding


When riding your horse on any bridle trail or reserve you are requested to be courteous to other people and maintain control of the horse at all times.

You can ride or lead horses on any road or public access way as long as you obey the general road rules. You can ride horses on private property as long as the property owner has given their approval. You can ride horses in Horse Exercise Areas from sunrise to sunset any day or the week.

You cannot ride horses on any sports grounds, parks or nature reserves, unless specific approval has been granted by the City.

View the horse exercise areas information sheet(PDF, 125KB) on where you can and can't ride horses.

Cleaning up after your horse

Owners/riders are expected to clean up any droppings left by their horse in a public place.

Fines and penalties

Offences committed against the City’s Local Laws relating to horses may incur an infringement notice with a modified penalty of $100. For additional details, call the City of Swan on 9267 9267.