Animal pests

The City of Swan does not manage the control or removal of animal pests or invasive species. 

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Residents within the City of Swan are allowed to keep almost any kind of bird. You’ll need to first obtain a licence from the Department of Parks and Wildlife . Licence fees depend on the category of bird you’ll be keeping.

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Deceased animals

If you notice a deceased animal on City public property, such as verges, parks or parking lots, please contact us on  9267 9267 and we’ll arrange for its removal.

Snakes & injured wildlife

Western Australia is home to some of the most poisonous snakes in the world. City of Swan officers are not authorised to manage the removal of snakes.  Nor are we permitted to collect injured animals, which are the result of bush fire or motor vehicle incidents.

If you see a snake:

  • Try to remain calm and note where the snake disappeared to, so the attending people can attempt to safely capture and remove it
  • Do not attempt to kill or capture a snake yourself. Most snake bites result from people forcing a snake into a situation where the snake feels threatened and attacks out of self-defence.  

If you need assistance, please contact the Department of Parks and Wildlife. The department will refer you to the appropriate organisation or people for the collection of the animal  (eg Snake Busters, Fauna Rehabilitation Centre, etc). Although the Wildcare Office is staffed 24 hours a day by volunteers, they are only a referral agency and therefore can’t collect injured animals or snakes.