Activity clubs



Going out and getting involved in social gatherings is something many of us take for granted, however, for many people, it isn't that simple.

City of Swan Community Care Services’ weekly activity clubs provide a variety of fun and interesting activities such as: 

  • Excursions
  • Guest musicians
  • Artists
  • Speakers
  • Bingo
  • Board games and 
  • Challenges. 

All transport to and from the venue and any excursion is provided by Community Transport .

To find out if you’re eligible, please contact Community Care Services on 9267 9055.  There is a small fee involved with this service, which is in line with Home & Community Care Fees.

While we make every effort to provide a service that is tailored to your needs, the frequency and extent of services depends on availability and Occupational Safety and Health guidelines. 

Clever Creations

This activity involves jewellery and craft making, and is offered every second Thursday.

All the resources and equipment plus morning tea are provided at a nominal cost.  

You will receive guidance and technical expertise but you are the creative master. All the pieces you create are yours to keep or can be gifted to someone special.

Chat Club

Chat Club members will delight in social interaction, with a maximum group of six, who will share the luncheon experience and participate in conversation.

The community bus will collect you from home and take you out to lunch at a café or restaurant in your local area.

Held monthly on a Monday, pick-ups start around 10am and return you home from 3pm.

Dementia-specialised activities

Activities for people living with dementia are generally offered one day a week. We are, however, happy to offer additional days to clients and their carers, if requested and available.

Activities focus on the physical and cognitive abilities of a client, with the aim of keeping them mobile and mentally stimulated. Types of activities include:

  • In-house exercise programs
  • Cooking
  • Art and craft
  • Gardening
  • Puzzles and 
  • Floor and board games. 

Tuesday Troopers

The Tuesday Outing Group and Tuesday Trooper is for clients who are relatively independent, require minimal assistance, but have difficulty accessing events and venues.

These full day outings offer clients the opportunity to attend monthly events or venues, such as concerts, heritage sites, picnics, ten pin bowling and restaurants. 

Blokes Bus Outing Group

The Blokes Bus is an outing group specifically for men who are relatively independent, require minimal assistance, but have difficulty accessing events and venues.

These full day outings offer men the opportunity to attend monthly events or venues that will be of particular interest to them such as breweries, museums, heritage sites, ten pin bowling and restaurants.

Altone Community Mens Shed

Located in Beechboro, Mens Shed is a purpose built shed which provides a space for men to meet so they can continue a hobby, learn a new skill, pass on some of their own skills or just pop in for a chat and a cuppa. 

There is a weekly club meeting on Wednesdays.

Funky Friday / Awesome Club (young people with disabilities over 18)

An extensive activity program is on offer to members at their very own club house.  

Club members decide on where they will venture on their regular excursions.  

Join us for friendship fun and funky activities such as 10 pin bowling, snooker, beach sundowner and theme nights. 

Transport provided.

Funky Friday: 5 - 9pm

Awesome Saturday: 8.30am - 4pm