Graffiti and vandalism


Graffiti vandalism includes the defacing, scratching, tagging, writing, drawing of symbols or the placing of materials onto any surface, without the property owner's permission.

Graffiti vandalism has a significant financial and social impact on the community and a negative impact on the community's perception of safety. The City of Swan is determined to minimise graffiti vandalism and committed to a coordinated response to graffiti management.

If you have any information that may help identify offenders, please contact the Goodbye Graffiti Hotline on 1800 44 22 55. The Goodbye Graffiti website also has information on reporting, removing and preventing graffiti in your area. If your information leads to the arrest or caution of an offender, you could receive a reward.

If you see someone applying graffiti, don't try to stop them. Take note of the location or address of the property and a description of the offender and call the police on 131 444.


The Graffix program is part of an Australian Government initiative in partnership with the City of Swan, which aims to promote the safe practice of aerosol arts advocating for the greater awareness of young artists within the City. The program addresses issues of graffiti vandalism in the community, while providing opportunities to engage with young people in art workshops and outreach settings to develop skills and knowledge in delivering Urban Art projects.

For more information, or to see photos of completed projects, please see the Graffix webpage .


Vandalism is the deliberate damaging or destruction of a person's property. If your property is vandalised, please contact the police on 131 444.