Application Checklist

Auspice Arrangements

Non-incorporated organisations must have an appropriate auspice organisation that can support their project, receive and manage the grant on their behalf. Auspice organisations will apply for funding, receive, hold and administer the funding so that the non-incorporated organisation can complete the funded projects. Auspice organisations will also take responsibility for undertaking reporting and accountability requirements for projects. Auspice organisations should share the aims of their non-incorporated partner in order to be effectively involved in the projects. The City of Swan will in no way be involved or responsible for the auspicing arrangements between grant applicants.

What we look for

  • How your project relates to your organisation’s purpose
  • How the idea of the project came about, its community importance and expected benefits
  • Community and stakeholder support for the project
  • Strong project planning, management and expertise
  • Good governance, evaluation and learning strategies
  • Consideration of what will happen after completion – sustainability of the project

Documents we need

  • A completed application form
  • The latest audited Annual Report
  • Copy of the current Certificate of Incorporation
  • Most recent audited financial statement
  • Copies of insurance certificates of currency
  • Quotes.