Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed according to the following priorities of the Swan Community Funding Scheme:

Build Capacity and Partnerships and Leverage Resources

  • Increase the human and organisational capacity of recipients
  • Maximise in-kind, cash donations and volunteer time from community, business and / or other funding bodies
  • Facilitate ways in which residents can give back to the community
  • Encourage community participation and capacity building; and
  • Demonstrate an effect that will have an impact beyond the funding period.

Demonstrate Accountability for the Expenditure of Public Funds

  • Adopt a risk-management based approach
  • Clearly define aims, objectives and outcomes that are measurable
  • Be well-planned and achievable within clear and detailed timelines
  • Provide evidence to establish that funds and in-kind support provided by the City of Swan will be used for their intended purpose; and
  • Seek to maximise value for money.

Recognise the City of Swan’s Contribution

  • Enhance the image of the City of Swan; and
  • Maximise media coverage.