To be eligible for funding, applicants must satisfy the eligibility criteria set out in the relevant Swan Community Funding Scheme Information Paper, and must:

  • Be a community-based or not for profit organisation, except for the Access All Areas or Cash Donations programs
  • Offer a project or activity within the City of Swan’s local government boundaries, or if the applicant is an individual, be a resident
  • Have completed and acquitted any project for which any City of Swan funding was previously received
  • Have no outstanding debts to the City of Swan
  • Undertake the project or activity for the benefit of the wider community; and
  • Submit applications in accordance with the requirements outlined in the relevant Information Paper and on the prescribed form.


The Swan Community Funding Scheme does not provide funding for:

  • Activities which have received funding during the preceding financial year
  • Commercial activities or organisations
  • Fundraising activities
  • Core organisational operating costs, for example a permanent position for ongoing work
  • Projects that duplicate existing City of Swan services and programs
  • Activities that are already covered by existing service agreements with the City of Swan
  • Projects with a political or religious purpose only
  • Projects that will rely on recurrent funding
  • Retrospective costs
  • Costs or activities already funded by another grant; and
  • Capital items including equipment.