Highway Service Zone

The objectives of the Highway Service Zone are to:

  1. secure the development of low intensity commercial uses along selected major arterial roads outside the Strategic Regional Centre which can benefit from the high exposure offered by the major traffic thoroughfares; and car based comparison shopping for bulky goods

  2. ensure commercial activity within the zone is complementary to development in other commercial zones and does not detract from the viability or integrity of development in either the Strategic Regional Centre or the Commercial zones

  3. ensure development contributes towards  the image of the city through high quality design and development with consistent and well landscaped set backs from street frontages

  4. promote shared use of vehicular access and car parking facilities where such arrangements will result in improved traffic management, more efficient use of land and more attractive development

  5. ensure car parking and vehicular access facilities  are located, designed  and landscaped so as not to detract from the amenities of the road frontages or of adjacent development

  6. ensure any on-site advertising is integrated with the overall site development and does not detract from the amenities of the road frontages or of adjacent development.