Residential Zone

The objectives of the Residential Zone are to:

  1. provide for a range of forms and densities of residential development to meet the needs of the wide variety of households which make up the community
  2. promote a residential environment in each locality consistent with the form and density of residential development permissible in the locality, so as to enhance a sense of place and community identity

  3. preserve and enhance those characteristics which contribute towards residential amenity, and to avoid those forms of development which have the potential to prejudice the development of a safe and attractive residential environment

  4. provide for a limited range of ancillary development compatible with the form and density of residential development, and complementary to the needs of local communities, but which will not compromise residential amenity

  5. avoid development of land for any purpose or in any manner that would detract from the viability or integrity of development in either the Strategic Regional Centre or the Commercial zones.