City Centre - Business Zone

The objectives of each strategic regional centre zone displayed on this page are an excerpt from clause 4.2 of the City's Local Planning Scheme No.17.

City Centre - Business

The objectives of the City Centre - Business Zone are to ensure consistency with the general objectives of the Strategic Regional Centre, and in addition, to:

  1. encourage development  of a wide range of commercial and professional offices and administrative services designed to enhance the prospects for employment, and meet the needs of the wider sub-regional community

  2. promote the complementary development of shopping, dining, relaxation and entertainment facilities at street level to enhance the vibrancy of street frontages

  3. encourage residential development in the upper levels of commercial buildings so as to enhance the vitality of the centre and provide opportunities for people to live in close proximity to their place of employment

  4. ensure development and re-development within the zone affords appropriate recognition to the character and ‘grain’ of any traditional development on adjacent sites, and provides a high level of visual attraction at street level

  5. ensure the development of continuous commercial frontages and avoid disruption caused by vehicular access and car parking adjacent to the street

  6. ensure the provision of pedestrian shelter along street frontages and adjacent to buildings which face pedestrian thoroughfares or customer parking areas

  7. enhance the pedestrian environment through the selective use of complementary landscaping.